Blog-Some: Aggie Yell Leader Hopeful’s Hand Jive

EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY gives a hand to Texas A&M’s Reagan Thompson Jr., whose impressive gestures just might make him new Aggie Yell Leader.

But can he find JoePa a casket?

LARRY BROWN SPORTS argues that Chad Johnson is not the problem in Cincinnati.

YOU BEEN BLINDED calls for backup, as Shaq has signed up with the Tempe Police Department.

FOOD COURT LUNCH misses the adolescent anticipation Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue used to bring.

PHILLYBURBS.COM finds footage of the Phillies’ Richie Ashburn in a close shave with Gillette razors.

WORLDGOLF.COM notes that Tiger Woods isn’t apologizing for teeing off on a photographer.

Since his kid does his dirty work now, THE WORLD OF ISAAC looks back at a time when Patrick Roy would drop the gloves himself.

D’oh! CHICAGO BULL compares this year’s Cubs roster to characters from “The Simpsons“.