Agent: Suge Knight Part Of Reggie Bush Dispute

Earlier today, I noted how Reggie Bush’s false extortion charge against sports marketing agent Lloyd Lake is what really brought down the USC football program. (Thanks to the resulting audio tape evidence of Bush and his family taking improper benefits from Lake and Michael Michaels.)

Suge Knight on USC football sideline

(Suge Knight: USC Football Game Sideline Pass)

One of the two reporters who originally broke that Bush story, Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports, gave us a clue today on Twitter as to why Bush might’ve claimed to the Feds that Lake was trying to extort money from him.

Ok, so here’s the deal. At one point when this got crazy, Lloyd Lake reached out to Suge Knight to resolve his dispute with Reggie Bush.

Lloyd did this through Faizon Love…and actor and comedian who has been in a lot of movies and on TV.

As in, Suge Knight, Death Row records CEO and man who supposedly hung Vanilla Ice off a hotel balcony by his legs.

We could never get Suge Knight to talk to us. But we confirmed he was contacted by Lloyd Lake. It just never became relevant 2 the story.

That was always the whale…getting Suge Knight to talk about how he was asked to settle the dispute between Bush & New Era sports.

Anyway, a lot of people freaked out and got really scared when Suge Knight supposedly got involved with the whole thing. It scared people.

The mind runs wild when Suge Knight is injected into anything, but the extortion claim by Bush to the Feds resulted in no charges of wrongdoing by Lake.

As I wrote earlier today, had Bush never brought those extortion charges against Lake, the USC program would not be facing the harsh NCAA sanctions that it is today.

So, though it’s a stretch, I guess you could suggest that Suge Knight was partially responsible for the NCAA penalties USC will have to now endure.