Agent: MLB Working To Keep Bonds Out of Parks

In a shock to baseball fans nationwide, it appears that Barry Bonds will not be putting on a Major League uniform this season. So, how is this different from any other speculation? It’s coming from the lips of Barry’s own agent.

Barry Bonds smile thumbs up

John Shea of the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE pitches up word from Jeff Borris, Bonds’ money man, who admits that his client won’t be playing at a big league ballpark this year:

“I’m not optimistic any team will take him. I’m not a pessimistic person by nature, but it’s pretty obvious he will not be a major-leaguer in 2008, because no team believes that he will be a good fit.”

With no offers on the table, does this pave the way for Bonds to finally retire? Borris says such a sudden scenario isn’t likely:

“He deserves to go out on his own terms, not to be run out of the game in this fashion,” Borris said. “He gave his heart and soul to this game. What’s going on right now is not good.”

In regards to what’s going on right now, Borris believes that the big league teams may be working together to keep Barry on the umemployment line:

Borris said he sent his file on Bonds to the players’ union and hinted of collusion - “if this doesn’t raise suspicion, I don’t know what does” - though he didn’t directly accuse the 30 teams or Major League Baseball.

“He still doesn’t have an offer, even for a minimum salary,” Borris said.

Maybe if he wasn’t facing a federal jury over steroid charges, or wasn’t such an overall a-hole, some clubs may have actual interest. As for that rumors that some teams did indeed show interest, Borris denies anything actually happened:

“Those are all false rumors, including the one about his secret workout with the Red Sox. None of that stuff is based on any fact.”

Curt Schilling can now breathe a heavy sigh of relief.