Agassi To Admit He Took “Crystal Meth” In Book

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED’s Richard Deitsch reports via Twitter this morning:

Agassi Took Crystal Meth

The revelation, from Agassi’s upcoming autobiography Open, will appear in an excerpt in an upcoming issue of SI.

Agassi Took Crystal Meth

If you’re like me, when you heard that, this was the first thing that came to mind:

Andre Agassi Bad Hair

One thing: why do so many athletes feel the need to make us all unwilling participants in their personal catharsis? Why can’t you let us remember you the way we want to remember you? That is, as you presented yourself in public. No interest in your private life.

I know, I know, dude is selling book. But it isn’t all about the money. At least in Agassi’s case, I doubt it is. To my knowledge, he hasn’t gone Antoine on us just yet.

UPDATE: Deitsch has deleted his Tweet, but the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS has confirmed.