Agassi Meth Revelation Netted ‘$1M+’: Worth It?

Andre Agassi will reveal in an upcoming autobiography that he did crystal meth. Celebrity branding consultant David Schwab told CNBC’s Darren Rovell today that the news was likely worth over $1M in terms of Agassi’s book advance.

Agassi Took Crystal Meth

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Andre Agassi’s meth use news netted him $1M+ for book. Worth it?

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Agassi’s built an enormous amount of good will-equity with the public, and barring some unforeseen circumstances surrounding his tale of drug use, people will digest the news about him rather easily.

Will companies continue with him as a commercial spokesman? Again, as long as the drug use wasn’t recent, I seriously doubt Agassi will endure any cancellations.

On the personal side, Agassi obviously has come to grips with making the news public, and for all we know the process will be cathartic. Providing he’d already revealed the revelation to his family before it got out yesterday, I can’t imagine any of this will have a debilitating effect on his personal life.

The damage meth did to him most likely has already been done. Revealing it now, years later, is a marketing masterstroke.

UPDATE: Rick Reilly has a follow on the story. Agassi took meth in 1997.

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