After Ignoring White Hate, ESPN Ready To Pounce

If you read SbB, you’re probably sick of me going on and on and on about Dana White’s vicious, hate-speech-laced rant directed at ESPN/Sherdog reporter Loretta Hunt and the gay community three weeks ago.

Dana White FBomb Meltdown Calls Loretta Hunt a F---ing Bitch

(ESPN to expose White’s insane, hate-filled rage against reporter, gays)

Since White’s infamous, self-uploaded Vlog, I’ve been as alone in my head-on-a-stick criticism as a Detroit Lions Super Bowl party planner.

But I’m happy to report that ESPN, after initially and inexplicably ignoring White’s ugly diatribe for weeks, recently unleashed its E:60 investigative bloodhounds on the UFC President. Last weekend in Montreal, ESPN reporter Tom Farrey interviewed White about his obscene comments and as Steve Cofield of YAHOO SPORTS reports, things didn’t end well.

Check that, I’m guessing the exchange ended exactly the way the defiant White wanted it to.


It sounds like White was anything but apologetic during his ESPN sitdown. He mentions during his UFC 97 fight night vlog (5:39 mark of vlog) that UFC PR was uncomfortable with what he was saying and how it was coming off. White says that the PR people tried to shutdown the interview (6:18 mark of vlog) and got caught on ESPN cameras trying to do so, saying it led to a huge brou-ha-ha between ESPN and UFC PR.

Worth nothing that those “UFC PR” folks work for White. They don’t tell him what to do, it’s the other way around.

I commend ESPN for spotlighting White’s despicable behavior in the soon-to-air piece (5/12). Perhaps this time we’ll get a little more from White than his previous backhanded apology to gays. An so-called apology that also included another slam on Ms. Hunt.

But like I’ve stated all along, the best way to get White seriously reprimanded and/or suspended is to go to UFC’s biggest advertiser, Anheuser-Busch, and show them the tape of his insane meltdown. I have a feeling if Bud was going to pull out, the owners of UFC, the Fertittas brothers, would take legitimate action against White.

Of course, there’s a good chance A-B officials already knows about it, but won’t take action unless they’re publicly confronted.

I haven’t seen the piece yet so perhaps ESPN already went that route. If it didn’t, I’m not so sure exposing White for who he really is will do much more than stoke his already cult-figure acclaim amongst the MMA mouth-breathers who worship him.

Last thing: If SbB hadn’t clasped to this cause ad nauseam, do you think ESPN would be pursuing it?

I’ve got an email into the E:60 crew, we’ll see what comes of it, if anything. Stay tuned kiddos.