AFL Player Has ‘Roid Rage, Bites Off Guy’s Finger

The folks up in Tri-Cities, Washington, might want to reconsider who they just let roam the streets on bond. A former player for the area’s arena football minor league team (and really, is playing minor-league arena football really a professional sport at all?) has been bailed out of prison after allegedly punching several people and biting the fingertip off of a corrections officer.

Incredible Hulk Lou Ferrigno

(a recent photo of the defendant)

Yeah, you read that right. He bit an officer’s finger off. Apparently, Michael Hodges was taking steroids this past season. A lot of steroids. Enough to where he says he doesn’t remember any of the incidents where he assaulted various people. And while he’s awaiting trial, he’ll just be hanging out in the Tri-Cities region. The judge told him not to use any drugs while he’s out. I’m sure that will work. He’s like some sort of Incredible Hulk gone horribly wrong.

The TRI-CITY HERALD has the story of a guy you probably don’t want to encounter at GNC:

Hodges, 26, is charged in Franklin County Superior Court with first-degree assault and two counts of third-degree assault. The cases have not yet been joined, but both are now set for trial April 22.

Prosecutor Steve Lowe said Hodges is not to use any drugs while he is out of custody before the case is resolved.

Hodges was in a so-called “roid rage” in November when he allegedly forced his way into the Tri-Cities Airport’s secured boarding area and hit a Port of Pasco officer, then days later bit off the fingertip of a corrections officer and punched another officer in the face, according to a state psychiatrist’s report in the court file.

Hodges said he used the drugs to “build himself up” for football season. You know, I just think football isn’t for you if you need ‘roids just to make it in low-level arena ball. He was a lineman for the Tri-Cities Fever of af2, the feeder league to the suddenly non-existent AFL.

And how about the disconnect between baseball and football? We’re going to vilify every baseball player who ever used a steroid or HGH once or twice, but football players are running around biting off fingers and nobody cares.

Anyway, we actually pointed out one of Hodges’ transgressions a few months back. Seems that this latest article didn’t do his airport antics justice:

Baird said Hodges showed up near the security screening area in the airport about 9 a.m. After he found the screening area was closed, he used the exit door to get inside a secured boarding area.

Hodges reportedly told security officers that he didn’t have a ticket and did not know anyone on that flight. He didn’t have a reason to be at the airport, Baird said.

When a Franklin County Sheriff’s deputy asked him to leave, Hodges became angry, yelled obscenities, then broke through a window to get onto the tarmac where the loaded plane was preparing to leave.

It’s not clear if he was trying to board the plane.

A sheriff’s deputy shot Hodges with a Taser and then he was arrested.

So, if you live in Kennewick, and you see a dude busting through a window at the Taco Bell to get himself a chalupa, it’s probably this guy. (I use Taco Bell because it’s the only place I’ve ever eaten in Kennewick.) What a classy guy to have roaming your streets.