Adriana Lima Will Finally Score with Marko Jaric

This intrepid writer had an acquaintance in college that lusted after Rony Seikaly with the heat of a thousand Joe Kleines. She wanted her men extraordinarily tall and, to use her word, “swarthy”. Sure, Vlade Divac had his charms and Dražen Petrović was a cutie, but no one could match up with her Lebanese lover.

Adriana Lima

Of course, he was merely decent on the court, but the shorts weren’t as long back then and she didn’t notice much.

Which brings us to the impending engagement between Adriana Lima and Marko Jarić. Her appearance in GQ this month makes it clear why he wants to finally join with her in holy matrimony: no nookie before knot-tying. Frankly, it’s unclear why he didn’t bring a ring to the first date. Her motivations, however, are less clear.

It’s not his basketball acumen; he can only rack up his scoring with lousy teams and lots of playing time. (Considering Lima’s rules, this may be true for him in the world of love at the moment.) No one’s letting him near brain surgery tools any time soon, but she’s not allowed to touch the drill, either. She probably makes as much money as him (and actually earns it).

Therefore, we can only assume the Rony Seikaly Rule is in effect here. There’s no accounting for taste sometimes. Isn’t that true, Mrs. Rony Seikaly?

Rony Seikaly and Elsa Benitez