Adrian Peterson ‘Routine’ 109-MPH Speeding Tick!

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports today that Adrian Peterson was popped for a 109-in-a-55(!) speeding ticket last weekend:

Adrian Peterson

Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson said Thursday that he’ll be more careful after police clocked him driving 109 mph on a suburban Minneapolis highway over the weekend and cited him for speeding.

Peterson told The Associated Press he “got a little speeding ticket. I need to be more aware of the speed I was going and not let it happen again.”

Peterson was pulled Saturday night at 8:30 while driving his BMW through a 55-mph zone on “a normally busy stretch of road known as the Crosstown that connects Minneapolis with southern and western suburbs.”

Is there ever a situation where a 109-in-a-55 speeding ticket is ‘routine’

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What’s interesting is that police are saying it was a “routine” traffic stop.

Edina police spokeswoman Molly Anderson said. She said Peterson was given a citation and allowed to drive away after what appeared to be a “very routine” traffic stop.

If you were popped for 54 mph over the limit in an affluent Minny suburb, you think the attending cop would treat you in a “routine” manner?

Peterson told the AP he wasn’t going that fast, “But I know it was a speeding ticket, and that’s what I got issued for.”

I’m thinking it’s the opposite. Peterson was most likely going faster than 109 mph - as police are often known to knock off mph on a ticket.

Peterson was speeding to the hotel where the team stays the night before home games, the running back said he wasn’t late … until he got pulled.

Just the latest case in a long litany of celebrity justice. See it almost every day.