Adrian Peterson, Fiancée Both Posed For Playboy

Adrian Peterson enjoyed lotsa notable, public accomplishments during his decorated Oklahoma football career. But while he was still enrolled at Norman, he authored one virtually unknown feat that some of you may end up cherishing more than his trampling K-State.

Adrian Peterson Girlfriend Ashley Brown Nude Photo

In 2006, Peterson was named to the Playboy All-American team. As part of the honor he posed for a photo that appeared in September ‘06 issue of Playboy Magazine. The very next month, in the October ‘06 issue of Playboy, his current fiancee Ashley Brown posed nude for the magazine’s “Girls of the Big 12″ issue as an Oklahoma coed.

Brown posed under the name Ashley Thompson and later made public appearances on behalf of Playboy in Oklahoma to promote the 2006 issue.

Adrian Peterson Girlfriend Ashley Brown Nude Photo

I checked around with some NFL, Twin Cities and OKC media sources today about the couple and it turns out Peterson started dating Brown his freshman year at OU. She now lives with him in Minneapolis and was most recently spotted with the NFL player during a trip South Africa before the World Cup.

The couple has been engaged for some time but Peterson hasn’t announced the news to the media. A 2007 story about the Peterson and Brown by WCCO radio referred to her as Peterson’s girlfriend.

Brown, who reportedly isn’t much of a football fan, is an aspiring model and actress who apparently also has a place here in Los Angeles.

As for why she posted for Playboy, there’s no tellin’. Though I heard today from more than one source that the couple was on- and off-again quite a bit during their time together in Norman. Perhaps Brown went through with the shoot under a pseudonym during one of those temporary breakups.

Adrian Peterson ESPN The Magazine Nude Cover

Or for all we know Peterson’s encouraged her to shoot for Playboy, as he went pseudo-nude himself for ESPN The Magazine recently.

One other weird coincidence involving Playboy’s 2006 Girls of the Big 12 issue that we actually previously covered here @ SbB:

Sunni Kate Golloway Kelli Gallo Playboy

2006 Oklahoma State coed Sunni Kate Golloway, daughter of University of Oklahoma baseball coach Sunny Golloway, secretly posed nude for the issue under the name “Kelli Gallo.”

Kelli Gallo Playboy

Dunno what’s in the water in Norman, though by now Larry Flynt’s probably acquired drilling rights for the entire state.