Adrian Peterson Didn’t Save No. Iowa CC Football

So much for Purple Jesus coming good on his samaritan role, huh? Just more than a day after Northern Iowa Area Community College announced that Vikings star Adrian Peterson was donating $150,000, enough money to save the school’s football program, the man who broke news of the donation, assistant football coach Kevin Griffin, admitted he made up the whole story.

Adrian Peterson Vikings

(Northern Iowa Area what?)

While the news, which we tripped across at COLLEGE FOOTBALL TALK, is a slight publicity hit to Peterson — who didn’t do anything wrong to earn the trouble himself — it’s a crushing blow to the NIACC program, quite literally. The team needed at least $150,000 to continue operating, and with the revelation that Peterson’s donation was, well, never a donation, the school is shuttering the football program altogether, effective immediately.

Griffin admitted embarrassment, but that hardly helps himself or the school’s head coach, Steve LaLonde, find a new job. It doesn’t help the athletes who signed with NIACC to find a new school with a functional football program, either. Or Peterson, who suddenly went from being a sainted figure in Iowa to an unwilling cheapskate.

Here’s the brutal admission, in full.

“I made a mistake and anything that comes out of this falls on me,” said Griffin, who started coaching duties at NIACC on Monday. “Nothing ever came out of Adrian’s mouth. I should have said I’ll try to get the money from him and other people. I should have given coach LaLonde more info on that. I’m at fault. I want to apologize to him and the school, to Adrian and the Vikings.”

Or, alternatively, Griffin could have said, “I have no idea where I’ll get the money, but I’ll try and ask someone. That’s just as accurate as the statement Griffin provided. Evidently, sometimes good intentions are actually worse than none at all.