Drunk Driver Pleads Not Guilty In Adenhart Death

In case everything surrounding the collision that killed Angels rookie Nick Adenhart and two others wasn’t depressing enough, it’s time to introduce another, different soul-crushing aspect to the mix: the protracted legal battle.

Nick Adenhart's Killer Thomas Gallo

That’s because Andrew Thomas Gallo, the accused drunk driver, has pled not guilty to the three counts of murder, the one count of drunk driving, and the one count of fleeing an accident that he faces. So unless there’s a plea deal for something like three counts of manslaughter and DUI following closely behind, get ready for this case to be on the news. A lot.

It doesn’t seem like there’s much wiggle room for Gallo here. It could be that his lawyer’s contention is that the murder charges are excessive, though we’re sure the state will happily point out the fact that Gallo had prior DUIs, a suspended license, and a heinously large BAC; hence getting behind the wheel was a knowingly harmful decision he made. If that’s true, get ready for hearing about that fight. Over and over. For weeks and weeks.

Other than that, though, what’s he possibly going to say? It was someone else driving? He was chasing the real bad driver? Or, and let’s hope this isn’t the case, is this just a lawyer recognizing the large audience in front of him and trying to stay in the spotlight as long as possible?

Either way, the longer this goes on, the longer this turns into a circus that’s about anybody but Nick Adenhart and the two other people who died in that crash. That, too, would be a tragedy.