Yao Stars With Supermodel in New Animated Film

Yao Ming’s got time on his hands. Lots of time, as it were, and not just because his hands are the size of Colorado. He’s using the offseason to recover from a broken foot, one that effectively ended Houston’s shot in the playoffs against the Lakers.

Yao Ming Lin Chi-Ling

(”Wait a second, this is a sound booth! This isn’t a foot rehab clinic at all!”)

Luckily, because he’s so tall, Yao can do many things at once. [Wait, what?–ed.] To that end, according to CHINA DAILY, he’s lending his voice to a new Chinese animated film, “The Magic Aster”. He doesn’t need the money, of course, so his share’s going to the Shanghai Special-care Foundation. A charitable man, that Yao. But the real story might be the fact that he’s probably the third-most interesting member of the cast.

The film also stars Leon Lai, whom you’ve probably never heard of. That is, unless you had stoner friends with an aggressively ironic sense of humor about five years ago; in that case, they might have sent you this song with the sole intention of giving you a full-blown seizure. Don’t mind the video, just try listening to the music for 20 seconds without stabbing yourself in the ears:

No word on what role Lai will play in the movie, but if it’s not “spastic pretend-American pop star,” we’ll be sorely disappointed.

Okay, after that, we owe you a favor, and you’re in luck. The film also stars Chinese supermodel Lin Chi-Ling, who is… well, she’s a supermodel for a reason:

Lin Chi-Ling

Lin Chi-Ling

Lin Chi-Ling

Go ahead, Google her for a while. Nothing NSFW (she’s much too classy), so that’s good or bad news, depending on whether you have an IT department watching you.

It does seem strange, though, that they got the most physically impressive man and woman in China (technically, Chi-Ling is from Taiwan, but we’re not getting into that geopolitical mess right now)… and then put them into an animated movie.

“Hey, you’re an unparalleled visual specimen! I have an idea: let’s make sure nobody can see you during the movie!” Solid idea, guys.