AD: “Sure” Pac 10, Big 10 Has Contacted Texas

Percy Allen of the SEATTLE TIMES is the first to get a Big 10 or Pac 10 athletic director to go on the record about the prospect of adding Texas and Texas A&M to their league.

Texas Cheerleaders at the Rose Bowl

(Horns ready to go long? To L.A. that is.)

Washington AD Scott Woodward recently assured Allen that both conferences have been in contact with the Texas schools.

Woodward also talked about expansion and said the Pac-10 and the Big Ten have reached out to officials at Texas and Texas A&M. “I’d be surprised if our office is not in contact with them,” he said. “I’m sure those conversations have happened and are taking place.”

When asked if the league might expand beyond two teams, Woodward said that’s a possibility. “It could be two, four or a merger of Big 12. … There’s a theory that at the end of the day there’s only going to be four super conferences. Now that it’s going to look like, God only knows.”

On the subject of Texas joining either league, only a naked money grab would explain the Longhorns escaping the Big 12.

But like the NCAA going to 96 teams for its hoops tourney, will the financial reality of non-revenue sports gushing red ink motivate Texas to swap conferences? I would be stunned, but so long as athletic budgets are wildly overextended, anything is possible.