Actually Tom, Turns Out “Plax WAS On Defense”

Decades from now, the quote that should reverberate from Super Bowl 42 is Tom Brady’s response to Plaxico Burress’ 23-17 victory prediction last week Wednesday: “We’re only going to score 17 points? OK. Is Plax playing defense?”

Tom Brady Quote Plaxico Burress

Burress of course was dead wrong, the Pats only managed 14 points.

As we get older, and we start to grasp our own mortality, we begin to quantify experiences. As in, how many more times will we get to kiss our girlfriend? How many more times we will get to grasp our mother’s hand? And how many times will we get to see Eli Manning become a heroic Greek figure?

When it comes to the latter, we sadly doubt we’ll experience it again.

But Sunday wasn’t about the Giants, it was about Mercury Morris’ home mortgage being saved from foreclosure by Robert Kraft & Co. The falling down done by the Patriots will make this the most harkened NFL season-ender in history, or at the very least a nice companion to Super Bowl III. But no one will remember David Tyree for it.

We’re also happy to report that football’s version of Macbeth may yet have an Epilogue to endure.

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