Actually, They Might’ve Done Skins Fans a Favor

The best newspaper blogger out there, Dan Steinberg of the WASHINGTON POST, has these screen shots from the actual Redskins’ telecast last Sunday:

Redskins TV view blocked

So just what the hell was going on at FedEx Field on Sunday for the Browns-Skins game?


During three crucial sequences, the live action was completely blocked out by these massive, hulking, Hand Eclipses. Had I been watching live, I would have thrown my Cheez Dip at the screen. Did you see these plays? Did you freak out? Did you throw your Cheez Dip?

Apparently fans were able to witness what happened on the replays, which of couse makes everyone feel so much better.

Besides some callers to sports talk radio in DC, there hasn’t been a huge uproar (yet) over the hand jive. Based on the performance of the two teams’ offenses on Sunday, I guess we know the reason why.

Now if I can only get the TV guys to help me with my Chiefs games.

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