Accuser Filed False Floyd Abuse Report In 2003

Lance Pugmire of the LOS ANGELES TIMES reports today that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is being sought by Las Vegas Police today for questioning after the mother of three of his four children, Josie Harris, claimed to authorities that she was abused by the boxer.

Josie Harris Photos

A Las Vegas Police spokesman reported that Harris summoned police to Mayweather’s home early Thursday and was subsequently treated for “minor injuries” at a hospital and released.  For now, police are not saying they want to arrest Mayweather - only that he’s a “person of interest.

In 2003, Harris filed a domestic assault report to the same Las Vegas Police against Mayweather which led to him being tried in court on felony domestic battery charges.

When the trial ensued, Harris admitted to jurors that she filed a false report, “because she was angry that Mayweather, the father of her three children, had left her for another woman.”

On the opening day of Mayweather’s 2005 trial, the boxer’s current accuser said that she lied about the abuse because, “I was just really upset because I didn’t understand why he could just leave like that for somebody else.

Mayweather was acquitted by a jury one day later.

During the trial,  Christina Almeida of the ASSOCIATED PRESS reported:

Harris told the jury that she was the one who instigated the argument and she kicked the windshield “like it was the other girl’s face.” Harris testified that a scratch on her face was likely caused by the steering wheel when Mayweather dragged her from the car.

“I was pulling on him, punching him, telling him he shouldn’t have left me, that he shouldn’t have left our three babies,” Harris said.

When asked by the prosecutor why she would pick a fight with a professional boxer, Harris said she knew Mayweather would not harm her.

“He’s like a teddy bear inside,” Harris said. “I knew that no matter what I did, he would never put his hands on me.”

If Harris was injured, it’s surprising that local authorities didn’t immediately issue a warrant for Mayweather’s arrest. Perhaps Harris’ earlier, recanted accusation of the boxer has something to do with that.

Or not.