Accused Dolphin Done In By Cellphone Camera

Jorge Sedano of WAXY-AM in Miami tips us off to the story of Miami Dolphins fullback Regan Mauia, who was cuffed and stuffed this morning on a misdemeanor battery charge.

Regan  Mauia Cellphone hottie'

A Broward County police report notes that “the incident occurred in the parking lot of the Carolina Ale House, located at 2618 Weston Road, just before midnight. Mauia, 23, punched a man in the face, ‘causing the victim to pass out and fall to the ground,’ according to the affidavit.

It appears Mauia would’ve got away with the (alleged) crime is it weren’t for one of those dratted cellphone cameras.

Before allegedly punching the man, “Mauia asked the victim, Michael Gianatassio, what the f— he was looking at … Gianatassio said he wasn’t looking at anyone. Mauia became upset and said, ‘You should know,’ as he approached Gianatassio. All of a sudden, Mauia punched Gianatassio in the face with a closed fist.”

Mauia then left in his Escalade, but not before someone at the scene snapped a photo of his license plate. Soon the police were at Mauia’s residence. Despite Mauia completely denying he was even at the bar where the alleged attack took place, the cops took the 6-foot, 270 pound former Hawaii Warrior to jail. He was released at 10:30 AM on $1,000 bond.

First Joe Montana, now Regan Mauia. When will the cellphone madness end?!

And there’s no truth the rumor that Mauia actually broke out of the Broward County Detention Facility this morning in this fashion:

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