Accidents Mar, Moisten Talladega NASCAR Race

On lap seven of the Aaron’s 499 Sprint Cup race at Talladega Superspeedway, a third of the field rubbed against each other roughly in a 13-car smashup that took nine cars into the garage and left six there for the remainder of the race. With only around seven laps left, another huge pileup took out much of the rest of the field in a Big One bookend crash.

Aarons 499 crash at Talladega

With one turn left, leader Carl Edwards’ car was tossed into the air by Brad Keselowski, where it bounced off the fence, tossing debris into the crowd and causing at least some injuries to fans. Keselowski took the win for his first Sprint Cup victory by leading his first lap ever.

As breathtaking as the big Talladega crash is each year, though, this wasn’t the worst accident NASCAR officials worried about before the restrictor plate race. Instead, it was the one inside Sam Hornish, Jr.’s car.

Hornish has the flu (not the swine kind, though he does a lot of driving, so y’never know) and had a backup driver.  He’d been pumped full of fluids to hang in the race.  Unfortunately, those fluids have to go somewhere.

Hornish’s crew chief wasn’t going to call for a pot to piddle in, so he told Hornish that “… if you gotta go, let her rip.   There’s no need you running around there with a full bladder.”

Like Jimmie Johnson said after he got knocked out in the last few laps, “it sucks racing here,” especially if you have to be moist for a few hours before the big crash.  Hell, we wouldn’t fault Carl Edwards at all if he’s fully wet after his wild ride.