Blog-O-Rama: Abigail Clancy Forgets To Cover Up

• WITH LEATHER keeps abreast of the topless travels of English soccer WAG Abigail Clancy.

Abigail Clancy Peter Crouch girlfriend

(WL’s got the hook-up for more photos of Abby’s freed funbags)

• Michael David Smith of AOL FANHOUSE has the odds on who’ll become DEADSPIN’s next grand poopah.

• In the meantime, the soon-to-be Leitch-less site thinks it’s fabulous that gamblers can now bet on a gay sporting event.

• LAIST spikes up some provocative photos from last weekend’s Lushness X beach volleyball tournament.

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING tosses up video of Ken Griffey Jr. finally slamming out #600.

• MERKIN SPORTS isn’t so high on Terrell Owens being added to the NFL’s “reasonable cause” drug testing program.

• CLEVELAND FROWNS tips us off to news that LeBron James may not be so miserly with the wait staff, after all.

• BRAHSOME reads up on some prison pen pals, as a teacher accused of having sex with students sends a letter of support to Hulk Hogan’s son.