ABC Radio’s Keith Olbermann was offended by t…

ABC Radio’s Keith Olbermann was offended by the NEW YORK POST report that intimated that Sandy Koufax was a homosexual.

Olbermann emailed Jim Romensko about the Post piece and News Corp.: "I worked for that company for three years. They were swine. … I still have a contract with the publishers, Harper Collins, to write a sports book. I will not write it for them. I’m sending the money back. They certainly could use the dough. It might enable Rupert Murdoch and his employees to buy their souls back."

Meanwhile, Carol Slezak of the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES thinks Koufax overreacted to the gossip item and wrote: "I wonder whether gay people get hurt when someone writes a blind item implying they’re straight. The point is that gay rumors will continue to be a touchy subject for as long as people continue to take offense to them."