ABC News Blogger: James As “Gorilla” On Cover?

Sheila Marikar blogs in a post for that the VOGUE magazine cover featuring Lebron James and Gisele Bundchen is racist.

LeBron James


They’re two of the most beautiful people on earth. But some say the Vogue photograph, shot by Annie Leibovitz, isn’t attractive at all because of the racial stereotype it purportedly evokes — black beast clutching a white damsel in distress, reflected in French sculptor Emmanuel Fremiet’s 1887 statue “Gorilla Carrying Off a Woman,” and later, in the many incarnations of “King Kong.”

“Some people” think the pic is racist?

Apparently they weren’t among the hundreds of commenters below the post excoriating Marikar for her twisted, Jeremiah Wright-inspired opinion.

Actually, Marikar did find a single person willing to go on the record and agree with her. She drags out a professor of art history at Marymount Manhattan College named Jack Rosenfeld, who calls the cover a “racially-charged” image. Shocking that she would have to plumb the depths of the university system to find a concurrent opinion.

Obviously (?) these folks are blissfully unaware that their insane observos are what propagate racism, not extinguish it.

We were hoping to get through the day without outing another out-of-touch person populating the main media, but Ms. Marikar really gave us no choice.