Aaron Gray Not Shy About Louis Vuitton Penchant

Noce of CHICAGO BULL passes along a letter sent out today by the Chicago Bulls to season ticket holders that was supposedly written by Bulls player Aaron Gray.

Aaron Gray Chicago Bulls

It was, no doubt, a public relations masterstroke by the club. Gray’s mention in the letter of buying a Louis Vuitton bag for his mother must ease the minds of the Bulls fans who doled out thousands in ticket money this season, only to witness the most hideously underachieving team in the league.

And Gray also confirms what we’ve always known: Ben Wallace is a great guy!


Joe Smith and Ben Wallace have had such a huge influence on me during my rookie season, particularly with the mental approach to the game. Those guys are such great leaders and are so positive.”

We’d like to salute the Bulls intern who wrote that Gray for finally letting the truth come out. Anyone who has followed Wallace’s career knows he isn’t a chronic malcontent who also owns the worst pro sports contract this side of Mike Hampton.

Gray wraps with:

“I can tell you that every guy on this team cares a lot about each other and we’re all committed to winning. We want to make you all proud.”

That they are: