Satchel Or Man Purse? Ask Former Seton Hall Coach

Michael J. Fensom of the NEWARK STAR-LEDGER reports Tuesday that former Seton Hall basketball coach Bobby Gonzalez was charged with shoplifting and criminal mischief for,”the alleged theft of a men’s satchel from the Polo Ralph Lauren store in Short Hills Mall on June 29.

Bobby Gonzalez allegedly steals satchel

(Really Bobby G.? Really?)

The satchel was valued at $1,395 and was reportedly damaged in the area where a sensor tag had been attached. According to the release by the Millburn Police Department, Gonzalez reported to the police station on Monday and was charged and then released on his own recognizance. has more details on the alleged crime.

According to reports, the manager of store told police that the manager of Joe’s American Bar and Grill returned a men’s satchel to her that belonged to Polo Ralph Lauren and said an individual came into the restaurant, left the satchel with the hostess and never returned.

The satchel, valued at $1,395, was reportedly damaged in the area where a sensor tag had been attached. An investigation into the incident by the Millburn Detective Bureau resulted in an arrest warrant being issued for Robert P. Gonzalez, 47, of Harrison, N.Y., for allegedly removing the sensor device from the satchel and walking out of the store without paying for the item.

Millburn police Capt. James Miller said today that during their investigation, police identified Gonzalez as the former coach.

According to reports, Gonzalez responded to police headquarters on July 5 where he was arrested and charged with shoplifting and criminal mischief. He was released on his own recognizance.

Whoever said video was a coach’s best friend never met Bobby G.

While the latest news involving Gonzalez may seem random and bizarre, it will likely not shock officials at Seton Hall, who forced Gonzalez off the job three months ago.

Brendan Prunty of the Star-Ledger wrote on the day Gonzalez was fired:

The people, who asked to remain anonymous because all news regarding Seton Hall employees is supposed to be announced by the university, said that what got Gonzalez removed was not on-court results. His end as coach is because of what’s been viewed within the Seton Hall community as a pattern of behavior that is not reflective of the image the school wants to present.

Sounds like they may have made the right call.