Rodriguez Brings Boras In As Marriage Counselor

When times get tough, you have to turn to someone you can trust. With the New York papers all over his marital discord, Alex Rodriguez has turned to an old familiar face to try and help smooth things over with wife Cynthia either towards a reconciliation (ha!) or, more likely, an attempt to keep the split a little more quiet. His former agent Scott Boras met with the unhappy couple in Toronto over the weekend.

A-Rod and Scott Boras

According to the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, the superagent brokered the meeting (which allowed A-Rod to see his 3-year old daughter for the first time in weeks) and may even have met one-on-one with Cynthia.

Boras’ entering of the fray as negotiator seems odd, given the very public split A-Rod had with him after the agent released the news he was opting out of the contract during last year’s World Series — one that infuriated the Yankees’ front office so much they refused to negotiate with Rodriguez on a contract so long as Boras was representing him.

Rodriguez then negotiated his own contract for $275 million over 10 years, and hired Guy Oseary to handle his business affairs — which probably is the link that got him into all this trouble in the first place, because Oseary is also Madonna’s manager. Despite the rage Boras sent Yankees management (read: Hank Steinbrenner) into with his opt-out announcement, the front office is apparently more than happy to have anyone in the mix that can keep A-Rod’s mind on the diamond.

If Boras is able to convince both Cynthia and Alex to keep the fireworks from the impending split a little more subdued, it may rank up there as one of the best (and most difficult) negotiations of his career.