Boras’ big binder bragged about A-Rod’s ability

When trying to get A-Rod the biggest baseball contract in history, Scott Boras went by the book - a really big book:

A-Rod binder

YOU BEEN BLINDED reads up on the efforts made by the uber-agent to sell his client. Back in 2000, Boras put together a huge binder showcasing A-Rod’s statistics and mailed it out to all 30 teams. The big blue book included Alex’s performance against former and current players, and even contained quotes from such baseball buds as Larry Bowa & Dusty Baker.

Did the literary launch work? Well, A-Rod signed a $252 million contract with the Texas Rangers. Must have had some avid readers down in Arlington.

A-Rod arms out

Now 7 years later, A-Rod isn’t speaking to Scott, and has signed with some new reps. Looks like Boras might soon be working on a new book - of the tell-all variety.