A Revealing Quiz On The ‘Big Four’ Sports Teams

Heavy users of the Internet - most of whom are, in fact, quite heavy - know that as timesuckers go, nothing matches SPORCLE and its plethora of largely useless quizzes.

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(If you see this logo, your productivity’s already dead.)

There are lessons to be learned from it, though, especially when it comes to brand recognition. Marketing advisors couldn’t ask for more helpful data than the aggregate results of a quiz like this, which tasks the user with putting company names to logos. Brand recognition is crucial.

We bring this idea up for this quiz, which asks you to list every single team from all four “big” sports. Go ahead - clear out 12 minutes, take it, then report back to us.

All done? Good. Full disclosure: we got 113 of 122, and we might have gotten them all with three more minutes. 12 isn’t enough, we say. Yes, we blame exogenous factors for our failures. Makes life easier.

But we digress. You’ll notice after finishing the quiz, the “See the most missed!” link. Click on that, and you’ll get a bevy of data on which teams were the most popular guesses.

There are a few problems; for example, the fact that the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco Giants are so high on the list might have something to do with their more popular name-sharers, and typing in “Red Sox” triggers the “Reds,” which is probably why the moribund baseball franchise is atop the entire list.

But aside from those, we get a pretty clear picture of the consciousness of sports fans who were willing to take the quiz.

MLB: Yes, the Reds are number one and the Giants are number two, but let’s be honest, those are not the most high-profile of baseball franchises. That would fall to - surprise! - the Red Sox and Yankees,who are 1-2 on the list. While you’d think the Cubs would be awfully high on the list, guess again; they’re not even the highest baseball team in the city. The White Sox edged them on the list. The least popular, meanwhile, are the Royals and Brewers. Nobody cares about the Midwest.

NFL: As mentioned before, the Giants are absurdly high, though this could be legitimate. After tossing out the Arizona Cardinals, the next two teams below the Jints are the Jets, then the Patriots. Safe to say that their proximity to Bristol, Connecticut helps just a bit here. But the league’s overall popularity becomes remarkably evident here; Kansas City and St. Louis, the “last place” teams in the NFL, are still in the middle third of popularity. Again, nobody cares about the Midwest.

NBA: Even as the league struggles to regain viewers in the post-Jordan, post-strike era, a few franchises are swimming in money. The Los Angeles Lakers have higher Q-ratings, if you will, than the Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys; the Celtics aren’t far behind the Lake Show at #2. Still, the bottom drops out on the NBA pretty hard here. Just as the Lakers are in the top 10%, the NBA has two franchises in the bottom 10%. That would be the hapless Memphis Grizzlies and the Milwaukee Bucks. We’re serious: nobody cares about the Midwest.

NHL: And nobody cares about the NHL, period. This league, suffering in the desert of obscurity that is the VS. channel, populates a majority of the bottom third of popularity. Ever since ESPN dropped their coverage, it’s been rough going for fans of the frozen circuit - even as quality of play has improved substantially. The Red Wings are the most popular franchise - coming in between the Baltimore Ravens and Miami Heat, if you want some context. But, you might be asking, isn’t Detroit in the Midwest? No. Detroit is not Midwest. Detroit is a cold Mogadishu. The least popular of the least popular? Why, that’d be the Nashville Predators, who were the only franchise to be named by under 50% of test-takers. In fact, nine of the worst 10 answers came from the NHL, meaning they could really stand to get back on ESPN in a hurry.

So how’d your team do? Check out the results here.