A Peek Into The Charmed Life Of QB Todd Reesing

Players like Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy, and Sam Bradford have dominated the quarterback discussion during this college football offseason. And it’s for good reason - the QBs all have a shot at leading their teams to national championships this season (or at least did, before OU crashed and burned against BYU). Interviews with the QBs, especially Tebow, reveal intense, earnest young men who take their duties and leadership seriously. And that’s great - the world needs more role models like them.

Todd Reesing

(Yes, he did this on purpose.)

But for hundreds of thousands of young adults across the country, being a college student has nothing to do with being a role model for millions of Americans. It means parties, and bars, and having as much fun as possible before entering the world of adulthood. For those students, there is no better role model - none whatsoever - than University of Kansas quarterback Todd Reesing.

Much has been written about the anomaly that is Todd Reesing, from his somewhat diminutive height to his love of academia and economics to his predilection for partying with middle-aged women in Kansas City. In a game of serious giants, the small, loose Reesing has stood out since his breakout 2007 season in which he led the Jayhawks to victory in the Orange Bowl.

The LAWRENCE JOURNAL-WORLD has put together the most comprehensive profile yet of the man KU students call “Godd”. There may be better quarterbacks, and there may be smarter students, and there may be heavier partiers, but there is only one Todd Reesing. Blockquotes hardly can do it justice - just go read the damn thing. Here’s a sample:

In fact, about the only hint that Reesing is anything but — as [his roommate] Liam puts it — “your average college frat boy” comes on Saturday mornings in the fall. That’s when the quarterback rolls out of bed — sometimes after shuffling downstairs in the middle of the night to unplug the stereo his roommate decided to blast — gets dressed, and makes the short jaunt over to Memorial Stadium, where he has done nothing but lead the Jayhawks to 20 victories over the past two seasons, break every conceivable school passing record and pull a once-dormant program by the collar into the national consciousness.

Of course, an hour or two after dissecting the defenses of Colorado or Kansas State or Nebraska, he usually can be found posted up in a booth at a local watering hole, celebrating the Jayhawks’ most recent victory right along with the fans who witnessed it.

Chances are, you’re not going to find Tebow or McCoy just sitting at the bar after a game, downing beers, checking out the ladies, and discussing music/movies/football. That’s something fans do. Yet, there he is. It’s incredible. Whether you like the Jayhawks, hate them, or don’t give a damn one way or the other about him, one thing is undeniable. Todd Reesing deserves to be celebrated and appreciated. Guys like him simply don’t come around much anymore.