A partially-paralyzed man in a wheelchair cla…

A partially-paralyzed man in a wheelchair claims to have traveled up the gravel road that ends at the summit of Mount Washington in New Hampshire.
But the spokesman for the "Mount Washington Auto Road" isn’t ©

barreled back into Los Angeles for SbB Gig #108 - following our road trip to Denver.

Safely ensconced in TBR’s friendly confines, we watched a less-than-thrilling Monday Night Football affair between Tennessee and Green Bay, before diving into some scintillating SbB Trivia competition.

At the end of a long, arduous evening, loyal SbB’r Max emerged victorious for the second time in his SbB career. Along the way, Max upset all-time SbB Champ Nick Mitchell, while also defeating a plentiful number of determined contestants.

SbB Girls Charity and Denise lead a gorgeous group of SbB Girls. Karen and Karen rejoined us for the first time in ages, and rookies Denise, Coco, Heidi and Josie also participated in the festitivites.

Special thanks to Hewlett Packard, Philips, Best Buy, Stella Artois, Pepsi and Apple Computer’s iPod. Also thanks to SbB Hall of Famers USFL Fan, Brratt, Paul Katcher for wardrobe assistance, and Craig at TBR.


Update by Paul Katcher:
Let’s go back in time to Oct. 16, 1977 — when Brian Billick’s over-the-ears hairdo was actually in style — and remember the football coach’s appearance on Match Game PM:

In a precursor to the Ravens’ offensive woes, Billick got blanked, 5-0.