A Pantsless Ben Patrick + Drunk ASU Coeds = Fun

Being suspended from the first four games of your NFL season — especially when your team has just been to the Super Bowl — would be very hard on some players. Arizona Cardinals tight end Ben Patrick seems to be taking it pretty well, however.

Ben Patrick & friends

Not only is Patrick taking some mandatory time off from football for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy, he also took time off from a raucous game of beer pong at this apparent Arizona State campus party to, well, you can see it in the photo. Tight ends have must have great hands, after all. More photos following the jump.

THE DIRTY has the goods, as they often do. Excerpt from the note provided by the guy who sent in the photos:

I don’t understand these youngins, don’t they take a lesson from the veterans, marry a hot chick and stay out of sight in your plush pad. My boy goes to his girlfriends gym, she’s a goddess, she must not be doing something right at home if he’d rather be with these girls.

Patrick was suspended for using the drug Adderall, which he claims he took to stay awake on a long drive during a bye week last October. Hey, where have we heard that before?

Ben Patrick & friends

Ben Patrick & friends

Ben Patrick