A new ESPN-TV morning show called "Cold …

A new ESPN-TV morning show called "Cold Pizza" will debut on ESPN2 on the network’s 10-year anniversary Oct. 1.

Only one on-air personality is signed for the show at the moment. Leslie Maxie, a former Olympic hurdler, will be the show’s news anchor.

The show will air live weekdays from 7 to 9 am ET and be set in a street-level studio at The Manhattan Center on 34th Street in New York City.

Producers are said to be considering serving cold pizza to passerbys.

Update by Flash Warner:B>The Hall of Conspiracy: Baseball’s all-time leader in steals, Rickey Henderson, believes he is toiling in the independent league with the San Diego Surf Dawgs because Major League Baseball doesn’t want to delay his 2008 Hall of Fame induction. Atlanta Braves first baseman, Father Time Julio Franco, is Henderson’s proof that the con is on.BR />“Julio Franco’s older than me. And he doesn’t have the numbers I have, so they let him play. I know I can outplay him. They want to see if they can destroy me or upset me.“BR />MLB has destroyed Henderson to the point where he’s hitting .253 with 14 stolen bases in 150 at-bats in an independent league. Franco is batting .287 with 4 stolen bases in 164 at-bats for the leaders of the NL East.B>