A Lesser-Known Perk of MLB Fame: Free Bagels

Being Joba Chamberlain gets you riches beyond your imagination, the adulation and/or envy of millions, and extended face time with Erin Andrews. Being a Chamberlain impostor, meanwhile, gets you all the chewy bread you can handle, my friend.

Joba Chamberlain Yankees bugs

NEWSDAY tells the tale of a pesky impersonator of the Yankees star pitcher, and to the man’s credit, it certainly wasn’t greed that foiled his nefarious plan.

Asbury Park, N.J., entrepeneur Ryan Ward’s undoing, rather, was bagels.

“Charges include impersonation and theft of services. The case came to light when Ward allegedly received free bagels from a Belmar bagel store. Chamberlain sounded relieved the incident wasn’t more serious, but was perturbed by someone posing as him.

“I mean, it’s my name that’s at stake,” he said. “It’s not the Yankees, it’s not anyone else. He used my name to do something. If he brushes somebody off or rubs somebody the wrong way, it’s on me. When it comes down to it, it’s my life.”

This situation doesn’t have to be all bad for Joba. I’d recommend putting Ward on the payroll as a stunt double for when Kevin Youkilis comes to visit this offseason. Because he’s coming, and that stance gets it done off the field, too.