A L.A. Story played out at Gig #125. …

A L.A. Story played out at Gig #125.

There was no post-Super Bowl hangover at The Bitter Redhead in Santa Monica, CA., as we broke out America’s only live, interactive trivia gameshow, along with the stunningly stupdendous SbB Girls.

It was a night of SbB champs, as former SbB titliests Brratt and ETyer, along with SbB newcomer Darrius, challenged all-time SbB champion Nick Mitchell in the finals. Despite a bumpy beginning, Mitchell overcame the advances of the trio, in claiming victory.

The SbB Girls kept things light and lively with Dana, Cora and rookies Annie and Noulai in attendance.

Special thanks to SbB Hall of Famers USFL Fan, Brratt, and Craig and Leeann at The Bitter Redhead.


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I don’t miss Peter King.