So, How Did Carroll Really Break Off Harbaugh?

Earlier,  Adam Jacobi aftermathed the frosty midfield handshake between Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh last Saturday at The Coli. He noted that Ray Ratto of the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE sourced Carroll querying Harbaugh, “What’s your deal?” Harbaugh then shot back the same.

Pete Carroll Drops F Bomb In Mike Bellotti's Direction

Carroll and Harbaugh have yet to confirm or deny Ratto’s report, so in the meantime I’ll take a stab at the exchange. I prefer to cite the salutation to former Oregon Coach Mike Bellotti from Carroll as a possibility - at least the S.C. side of the field.

Or maybe I just wanted to link the video again. (NSFW after the jump.)

Give Coach a break, maybe he was merely quoting a quatrain from the Inner Game Of Tennis.

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