A Feel-Good Dallas Cowboys Story? What The …?

Among all of God’s commandments, Thou Shalt Not Pilfer Dallas Cowboys Memorabilia is probably the most sacrosanct (thanks for losing that one on the way down the hill, Moses). While the thieves who ransacked Butch Franklin’s apartment last week will receive their justice in the next life, Mr. Franklin is getting his right now. Turns out that the Cowboys can come through in the clutch. Who knew?

Franklin, who is mentally disabled, had one kick-ass collection of Cowboys collectibles. But thieves broke in and stole most of it; a situation that simply would not be allowed to stand in the land of Hank Hill. Once the DALLAS MORNING NEWS ran a story on the theft, Cowboys fans and memorabilia dealers got together and began replacing Franklin’s collection. Then, the Cowboys themselves started getting involved.

Offensive lineman Cory Procter and linebacker Bradie James even paid Franklin a visit:

Thieves stole several hundred dollars worth of items from Franklin’s Addison apartment, including a flat-screen television, a PlayStation game console and cash. Friends replaced the television, PlayStation and video games. But Franklin, who makes $30 a week working various jobs, wasn’t sure what he was going to do about his Cowboys pieces.

At first, Franklin seemed stoic when he pointed out the missing items. But when he saw empty poster hangers, where framed Cowboys photos had been displayed, Franklin got upset.

On Monday, Procter said what happened to Franklin was a “rough deal.” He told Franklin he was sorry.

“I thought I’d come by and say, ‘What’s up?’ ” the player said.

Procter and Franklin talked about music, the July Fourth holiday and barbecue. They took pictures together.

They looked at pictures, too, including shots of Cowboys cheerleaders, signed “Love and Cheers!” Franklin scanned one picture for quite a while.

Franklin also got the back of a Texas Stadium seat, signed by a few Cowboys. And he also received a new No. 9 jersey – Franklin loves to wear quarterback Tony Romo’s number.

“He doesn’t care too much about me,” Procter said jokingly. “He’s got a new Romo jersey. That’s cool.”

Like I’ve always said, there is nothing in the world that can’t be cured by an autographed picture of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. But does the Iranian government listen? No.