A Day With Oprah, Federer Racket? Thanks Isiah!

The NEW YORK POST reports on how Anucha Browne Sanders, the woman who scored $11M thanks to a few Isiah Thomas’ interoffice loose ball fouls, is spending her enormous windfall.

Anucha Browne Sanders

(Sadly, a new stylist was not up for bid)

In the aftermath of the bloody mess that was the Isiah-Anucha sex harass scandal, Sanders is now herself one of the tri-state’s most prominent media targets figures. So you would think that for awhile, she’d keep a low profile. And you would be wrong.

Anucha Browne Sanders isn’t letting the $11 million she won in her sexual harassment case against Isiah Thomas burn a hole in her pocket. At last week’s Arthur Ashe SportsBall, a fund-raiser for urban youth programs, Sanders “was bidding on everything in the silent auction,” according to a witness. “She had her name down under every item,” said the onlooker, including “an Oprah Winfrey experience, a Roger Federer tennis racket and a Barack Obama basketball.

That’s quite a haul. We’re a little surprise though that she didn’t bid on our favorite item: A private performance from J.D. and the Straight Shot:

Jimmy Dolan Can't Disguise His Gut

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