A Day Off From Jail To Go See The Red Sox Play?

 If you’ve been sentenced to 10 days in jail, there are probably only two places in the country where you might be released for a day in order to watch a baseball game. One of course would be Mayberry, N.C., where they keep the key to the cells within arm’s reach of the prisoners (see photo below). The other, as it turns out, is Keosauqua, Iowa.

Otis Campbell

Meet Randy Aaron Barker, who is serving a 10-day sentence in the Van Buren County Jail for interference with official acts and violation of a protective order (hey, we’ve all been there). But he really, really wanted to attend the Red Sox-Royals game in Kansas City on Monday, and like Sheriff Andy Taylor, the judge saw no problem with that. Just be sure to be back in your cell by 8 a.m. Tuesday morning, Randy.


Through his attorney, Margaret E. King, Barker petitioned the court to allow him, his father, Norman, and brother, Bob, to attend the Red Sox game in Kansas City today. They have had long-term plans to attend, King told Magistrate Judge Benny Waggoner.

“These ball games are among the few pleasures the defendant has in life. He had been looking forward eagerly to attending this game with his family,” King said.

Judge Waggoner said Barker’s request was “reasonable under the circumstances” and granted the request.

One would have to be a real “Andy Griffith Show” fanatic to know that Andy once let Rafe Hollister out of jail for a day to get his crops in. So let’s go with the more familiar Otis Campbell reference. Just make sure that you close the front door when you leave, Otis.

As for the game itself, Barker wishes he had stayed in jail. Paul Byrd threw eight straight balls in the first and walked in a run, giving up five runs in the inning, and Zack Geinke dominated as usual. Shazam.