Stray Bullet Struck Fourteen-Yr-Old Soccer Player?

The OMAHA WORLD-HERALD reports that an 8th-grade soccer player was rushed to the hospital after he was shot in the mouth during a game.

Omaha 8th grade soccer shooting

Taylor Borgeson, a 14-year-old student at King Science & Technology Magnet Center, “had just come off the soccer field Thursday afternoon and sat down on the sidelines when he slumped over, clutching his cheeks. His bright-orange soccer uniform was quickly covered with blood.”

Police believe that Borgeson may have been hit by a stray bullet that was fired over a mile away.

Taylor’s grandmother Wanda Borgeson said that the bullet went into his cheek and out his lip, shattering nine of his teeth. Based on his injuries, a police spokesperson said that Taylor appeared to be hit by a bullet “falling in a downward motion”.

Shots were reported at an Omaha location about a mile away from the soccer field. So far, no arrests have been made.

Meanwhile, about 100 students will still at King Science after school had already been let out for the day. When Taylor was shot, school officials immediately rushed everyone inside the building.

Some parents & grandparents who quickly arrived at the school were frustrated at the lack of information about the well being of their children:

Willie Williams, grandmother of fifth-grader DeJor Curtis, said she wished that the Omaha police and the school district had provided information faster.

“There’s got to be a better way of communicating with parents in emergencies. They need to educate parents about what to do . . . (about) who handles what,” Williams said.

“Involve me. I’m thinking, ‘Where’s my kid? What’s going on?’”

As for Taylor, he was to undergo surgery at Creighton University Medical Center on Thursday night. But grandmother Wanda forwarded along some promising news about her grandson:

“He’s going to be fine,” she said. “We better count our blessings because it could have been a lot worse.”