’80s B-Jays Busted Slump w/Stripper in Clubhouse

Seattle Mariners manager John McLaren has coached approximately forever in the minors and majors and has gathered all kinds of motivational tactics over the years. Some may be recyclable, however, and some may not be usable in today’s major league clubhouse.

Stripper on baseball bat pole in silhouette

For example, how about the time in the mid-to-late ’80s when someone brought a stripper into the Toronto Blue Jays clubhouse to bust a slump? That must have been one hell of a motivational seminar. We’re certain there are other ways of encouraging the boys in blue to touch ‘em all, but they wouldn’t be as colorful.

So how’d that go over in the clubhouse, John?

“It got mixed reviews. Some of the guys that are pretty close to the Lord weren’t too happy.”

The Lord, you see, can make it rain all on His own, thank you very much.

We did some research and found that Jimy Williams was manager for all but a few months of McLaren’s time in Toronto as a third base coach. We have chosen to believe he was unaware of this activity because imagining Jimy Williams at a strip club has roughly the same effect as jamming a Ceti eel in our ear.

P.S. We’re sure Rance Mulliniks never partook in this; he never needed a slump busted.