‘7 Restaurant’ Not Affiliated With Mike Vick. Riiight

Suppose - just suppose - there were a “7 Restaurant” that popped up in the middle of Virginia, just about 100 miles from where Michael Vick went to college at Virginia Tech. Also, just suppose there are pictures of Vick on the wall. And jerseys of his. It wouldn’t take too much of a leap in logic to assume it’s his restaurant, right?

Michael Vick Andre Kendrick 7 Restaurant

Ah, not so. First of all, thanks to bankruptcy, he doesn’t have any money. Further, the restaurant was indeed started by a standout Virginia Tech Hokie from that 2000 runner-up team, but that would be Andre Kendrick, not Vick. Incredibly, according to DIGITALCITY.COM, Kendrick and his co-owner say the restaraunt’s name has “no association” with Vick. Thank God; there’s no telling what the menu would look like.

From Digital City:

Opening a new restaurant named in honor of possibly the most unpopular quarterback seems like risky business, especially during tough economic times. But two friends of Michael Vick believe their sports-themed restaurant will be a winner.

Although the owners, Andre Kendrick and Marcus Revely, claim there is no association between the restaurant’s name and Michael Vick’s jersey number, […] the jerseys lining the wall of the restaurant and the owners’ friendship with Vick are causing some serious skepticism.

The reluctance of Kendrick and Revely to publicly associate the restaurant is strange; being that Vick’s one of the most iconic #7s in college and the NFL (certainly the most recognizable since John Elway retired to the vodka industry), you might as well admit that’s why his number adorns your restaurant, right?

Further, the “Hate Michael Vick” crowd is certainly less numerous than the media make it out to be; his protests, while oft-hyped and publicized, rarely draw a substantial crowd and usually seem to serve as a satiation of the media’s appetite for discord and controversy. People don’t actually actively hate Vick that much.

That all said, when someone has to go to prison for two years for his role in facilitating the murder of lots and lots of animals, perhaps a barbecue-themed restaurant isn’t quite the best way to honor his return to society (and the NFL). Vick’s really not financially involved in the restaurant - he didn’t invest and won’t profit off of it - but the fact that he’s scheduled to appear there next month (doubtless to magnitudes of more fans than detractors) should tell you enough about his involvement. It’s hardly coincidental.

And really, this’ll all come down to the food in the end, won’t it? Gimmicks and themes wear off in weeks and months. If people want to eat somewhere, they will. If the food sucks, people won’t go even if you called it “Rainbow Happy Hugs Smile You’re Awesome.” Trust me, I tried that back in the day and we went bankrupt. It was probably the server clowns. Clowns are way more expensive than you think.