6/7/04 LAKERS - FAKED OUT: Still in shock ov…

6/7/04 LAKERS - FAKED OUT: Still in shock over the Lakers loss in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, I’ve been probing the game tape thoroughly to figure out what happened.

Conclusion: Too many chest passes.

BRISTOLS POINTING TO BRISTOL? BOSTON HERALD gossip columnist Gayle Fee to the TORONTO STAR on NESN’s Hazel Mae, who has been rumored to be heading to ESPN after her NESN contract expires in August: "Every time we write about her, it’s the most popular story on our website."

If Mae migrates to ESPN, she’ll be the second-ever "Hazel" to step onto the hallowed SportsCenter stage - following former ESPNer Charley Steiner.

Steiner, thanks to his uncanny resemblance to Shirley Booth, star of the early ’60s sitcom "Hazel," was affectionately nicknamed "Hazel" by ESPN peers.