6,000 Tix Unsold ALCS Game One! Tipping Point?

Peter Abraham of the BOSTON GLOBE has the startling news this afternoon: “there were still 6,000 seats available as of last night through the team. Just a few minutes ago, to see what was out there, I pulled up four tickets on Yankees.com for section 221. OK, so they were $431 each. But they were there.

Yankee Stadium Empty Seats

(Yankees COO Lonn Trost: “Our Prices Are Our Prices” OH RLY?)

To be clear, these are not secondary market tickets, which makes the news even worse, and ensures massive empty patches at Yankee Stadium tonight.

Yes, the weather is awful, but the game is going to be played and we are talking about the Yankees, a team with a death-grip on the local sports fan.

So why the empties?

It ain’t the economy, which is in recovery mode and hasn’t affected the capital of the world as much as other American towns.

It’s now obvious that we’ve reached a tipping point on ticket prices. NOT re-sold tickets, but face value seats.

The Yankees went over the cliff thanks thanks their boundless greed in pricing the new ballpark, and now they’re pay a steep priceĀ  -in revenue and reputation.

As long as they continue to gouge fans, this trend will only strengthen. The economic crash made people more aware of what they could realistically spend. Even as they regain their 401Ks with the stock market surging, it appears fans are fed up with the absurd overcharges and will boycott ballparks until there’s a drastic rollback in prices.

Good for them.