6′ 8″ Baylor Women’s B-Baller Punches Opponent

Baylor women’s basketball player Brittney Griner previously made headlines for her tall 6′ 8″ frame and her ability to dunk. Now she’s making headlines again, but for the wrong reasons.

Brittney Griner Baylor punch

Griner was ejected from last night’s game against Texas Tech after throwing a punch at an opponent. Griner became tangled up with the Red Raiders’ Jordan Barncastle under the net, when Barncastle grabbed Griner by the arm and roughly spun her away. Brittney responded by delivering a fist to Jordan’s jaw.

Video after the jump.

Baylor went on to win the game, 69-60. But Bears coach Kim Mulkey wasn’t happy about Brittney’s actions:

“There’s no place for that in sports. It was ugly for women’s basketball. It was ugly that coaches were on the court, that benches cleared, and I will take care of that with my team.” 

*UPDATE*: Brittney has been suspended for Baylor’s regular season finale against Texas on Suiday, while the Big 12 decides whether to suspend her further. Meanwhile, Jordan’s dad says that the punch broke her daughter’s nose.

*UPDATE #2*: Brittney has been suspended for a total of two games.