58 Birthdays Haven’t Slowed Dr. J With The Ladies

With this year’s dunk contest regaining much of the fun of the old days, it’s worth pointing out that today is Julius Erving’s birthday. Hard to believe Doc is now 58 years old - as we enjoy this video demonstrating how smooth the man was on the court. Plus, a little mid-day Stevie Wonder is good for the soul.

Nobody in the game today rocks a fro the way Dr. J did back in the day. And even though the man is getting up there in age, he still seems to have it (at least with the fairer sex).

During my trip to Las Vegas for last year’s NBA All Star Game weekend, I bumped into Julius in the lobby of an Elton John concert (it wasn’t that bad, I swear. Philadelphia Freedom!).

The Doc was in impressive company. Not only was he with one of the game’s greatest ever, Bill Russell, but he was also surrounded by a bevy of beautiful females who were half of his age.

Dr. J., still ballin at 58.

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