5/31/03 Meet new SbB Girl Malana: A…

5/31/03 Meet new SbB Girl Malana:

A native of the Houston area, she works two jobs (bear fighting not one of them) to support her schooling. And she also can’t live without her strawberry lip gloss!


The Summer Tour kicked off in New York with some sightseeing in New York City.

On Tuesday, SbB Girls Annie, Denise and Cora lunched at Carnegie Deli, hung out in Central Park and took in a Yankee game (right behind actor Kevin James and Tiger Woods).

SbB Gig #143 is this tonight in New York City.B>Brooks and the SbB Girls will also appear in Boston and D.C. in the next two weeks. There will be SbB/Fark meetups in London, Manchester and Paris as well.