$51,000 So Golic Can Blow One Out In Your House

Those in the main sports media call today the slowest sports news day of the year - because of the lack of games. Not coincidentally, ESPN always holds its “ESPYs” on this day in L.A., while devoting its full day of radio programming to an on-air auction designed to raise money for the Jimmy V. Cancer Foundation.

Mike and Mike Auction - $51,000 to cure cancer, blow up your toilet

(Sure hope winning bidder’s neighbors are similar humanitarians)

I missed those “ESPN experience” on-air auctions today, because I only listen to ESPN Radio during football season. (More specifically, when I’m prone over the urinal trough at USC home games.)

Mike Golic Flatulence Deodorizer

(Critical show production costs hopefully built into the bid!)

But an emailer was kind enough to point out the results of the “Mike & Mike Experience” auction.

According to the ESPN auction results, someone paid $51,100 to have Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic broadcast their morning show from the winning bidder’s home. It’s a wonderful gesture by ESPN and the bidder - can never get enough money pumping into the cancer fight.

From fine print of the M&M auction:

It takes a lot of equipment to put on the Mike & Mike in the Morning show, including generators and lighting and we get started early in the morning, so you might want to invite your neighbors, or at least tell them what is going on before we arrive.

Case you’re wondering, “early in the morning” means midnight. Here’s hoping the neighbors are half the humanitarians as the winning bidder.

At the very least, if ESPN wants to follow through on its profound contribution to the preservation of human life, it will seriously consider changing “invite” to “warn” in the disclaimer.

Also noted:

ESPN will be responsible for all reasonable permits with the city or town of the winning bidder.

Doubt that’ll be a problem, so long as Golic straps one of these on for the balance of the broadcast.

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