$500M Lawsuit: Idea For WNBA “Stolen” From Man

WDAF-TV (FOX 4!) in Kansas City reports that a local man “has filed a federal lawsuit, contending he’s the one who came up with the idea for the WNBA. But he said he never got any credit.

WNBA Lawsuit

Yes, that’s amusing, but not as funny as the TV station promoting their coverage of the lawsuit: “In this story you’ll see only on FOX 4, the man tells FOX 4 why he believes the NBA stole his dream.

Well the only reason you’ll only see it on “FOX 4!” is no one else has seen fit to cover a kook lawsuit like that.

But the damages the man, Lightning Mitchell, is seeking make the coverage so worthwhile.

Excerpt: “Mitchell is now suing the NBA and WNBA, claiming it caused him mental distress and pain when the company stole his dream. He’s suing for $500 million dollars in damages. Mitchell said he’s waited so long to file the suit because he only recently found out that the person he had been talking to about creating the women’s league is the same person who then launched the WNBA.

Mitchell said he shared ideas and research with her, and he has a letter from her dated December 1993.”

So who exactly is this person? Mr. Mitchell and “FOX 4!” don’t reveal who she is *OF COURSE*.

And we’re assuming there’s some confusion on this. The lawsuit should be about Mr. Mitchell seeking to acquire the rights to lose $500M. Not collect $500M. Correct?