50-Year-Old To Play For WNBA In Shock-ing Move

The hammer came down on the Detroit Shock & Los Angeles Sparks on Thursday, as the WNBA announced its suspensions in response to last Tuesday’s “Malice In The Palace II: Made For A Woman“. Five Detroit players & assistant coach Rick Mahorn were given sentences ranging from 1 to 4 games, while L.A. also have five players suspended.

With this sudden loss of manpower… er, womanpower, what’s the Shock to do? Sign up a 50-year-old, of course!

Nancy Lieberman then & now

(Nancy Lieberman - back in the day & still looking good today)

BLOG OF HILARITY passes along news that Nancy Lieberman has been given a seven-day contract by the Detroit club. The Hall of Famer and former Olympic player had been a previous employee of the Shock - serving as coach & GM from 1998-2000.

However, Nancy is pretty confident that her brief re-appearance in Motown won’t turn into a multi-year deal:

“It’s really a one-game deal,” Lieberman said in a telephone interview. “My motivation stems from the fact that I love this game and I never stopped playing it whether it’s a pickup game with Deion Sanders and Tony Romo at a church or at a park with my son.”

Maybe the Shock should try to sign Neon Deion & Jessica’s boyfriend, too.

Lieberman’s one game is expected to be tonight, when Detroit visits the Houston Comets (9 p.m. ET, ESPN2, check local listings). When Nancy steps on the court, she’ll be the oldest player to put on a WNBA jersey, breaking the age barrier set in 1997 by a 39-year-old … Nancy Lieberman.

B.O.H. puts the half-century-old hoopster’s return in proper perspective:

…In baseball, a sport where a player can get away with BARELY MOVING, Julio Franco was only able to play until 49. And he was a MONSTER with a 25 year-old’s physical fitness.

We’re certainly impressed - by the time we hit 50, we hope to be at least BARELY MOVING, let alone still be able to hoop it up.

Claudia Porras Photos

We might be curious enough to tune in tonight. It’ll be the first women’s basketball game in Texas we’ll be paying attention to since Claudia Porras’ days at UTEP.