50-Minute Basebrawl Allows Fans More $1 Beers

Things got a little bit nutty in Modesto Saturday night, as the hometown Nuts minor league team punched it up with the visiting Stockton Ports in a bench-clearing brawl. Eight players were eventually ejected in the fight that caused a 50-minute game delay.

Modesto Nuts mascots

(Things got ugly in Modesto on Saturday - and we don’t mean the mascots)

And Modesto fans couldn’t have been more delighted - or more drunk.

THE HIVE notes that the little disagreement broke out during the top of the fifth inning. Coincidentally, that’s the same inning when the concessions at John Thurman Field offer ice-cold beers for the low, low price of $1 each.

Cheap beer & a fight - what a wonderful night for the 3,563 in attendance. (Hope the stadium’s plumbing held out from all the extra restroom trips - not to mention the baseball fans’ bladders.)

It could have been the perfect game for Modesto fans, had the Nuts not lost 10-5 to the Ports. And the shortage of scoring also ruined the chance to enjoy some more gastrointestinal treats for near-gratis.

The Modesto team offers a “10 Runs To Fun!” deal - if the Nuts score 10 or more runs in a home game, all fans get free tacos from Taco Bell.

Taco Bell & runs - putting the two together makes perfect sense.