49ers Formally Present Our Hero, Michael Crabtree

We covered all the bases on the Michael Crabtree signing yesterday, but I had to show you this photo from today’s 49ers press conference. The look on Mike Singletary’s face; the No. 15 practice jersey (sponsored by Visa!); the aw-shucks demeanor that belies a 71-day holdout. It’s all there. I smell Super Bowl!

Mike Singletary, Michael Crabtree

That is officially the most hilarious photo I’ve seen this week. And following the jump, an actual shot of Crabtree catching an NFL pass. And you thought you’d never see that. Plus some yummy Crabtree quotes, and when Singletary expects him to make his game debut.

(Being tackled by Isaac Bruce: Not a good sign)

(Also has not yet earned helmet logo)

Crabtree at the press conference, on his holdout:

“I’m just glad I’m past that part. I’m very humble right now, man, it’s a very humbling experience. Just getting a chance to sit back and better myself as a person, as a player, as a teammate. … I feel like going through that it made me look at the world in a different way, look at my teammates a different way. Hopefully it will work out for the best.”

Ha. Just wait until he discovers that Singletary plans to throw, at the most, six times per game.

Singletary said that Crabtree will not play on Sunday against the Falcons, but should be activated by Oct. 25, following their bye week. Then there was this:

Though a cousin and alleged adviser of Crabtree suggested in August that he was prepared to sit out the season and enter the 2010 draft if the 49ers did not offer him money similar to what the Raiders gave wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey, the No. 7 pick, that sentiment was not expressed by Crabtree himself.

“I’m Michael Crabtree. What I say is what I say,” he said.

And I think I’ve just found my new favorite catch phrase.